Friday, 11 November 2011

Statement of intent

So far just a statement of intent this site will be a record of my home bread baking progress. Over the years (since the 80s) I've had three shots at making sourdough. My previous attempts have not been entirely successful. They petered out due to the fatigue of keeping a working starter going and lack of time. The results weren't good enough to provide a reliable loaf that the family would agree to eat in preference to shop bought. Several things have changed since then, not least the arrival of the internet. Also bread machines. There's more interest in home bread baking and more information published about it. So armed with Google and a couple of old trusty cook books I'm off on another bread adventure. I hope to record what works, and not forget what doesn't, but the aim is to share the secret of making reliable scrumptious sourdough bread and fitting that into a 'modern lifestyle'. Not much to ask for?

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