Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Big Fat Geek Bagel Bake Off


Here's the deal

1 batch of bagel dough mixed up at 11 pm. 

It's enough for 12 bagels.

One third shaped into 4 bagels on a baking tray and slammed into the fridge ovrnight.

(Two thirds left to ferment in a cold kitchen overnight.)

Next morning,

From the 4 in the fridge:

2 bagels baked in hot oven

2 bagels dunked in a pan of boiling water until they floated to the surface and then baked.

Remaining dough -  8 bagels shaped

2 baked in hot oven

2 dunked in boiling water and baked

2 rested for 30 mins and baked

2 dunked in boiling water and baked after 30 mins.


The refrigerated dough wasn't just retarded, it was stopped completely.  All four were dunked in boiling water to give them a revival.  They still came good but were not as inflated as those shaped in the morning after a bulk rising overnight.

I also dunked all the morning shaped bagels, just because it wouldn't be a bagel without it. The bagels that were baked last came out the lightest.  But they all tasted great!!!

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