Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pulling it off

I've been wondering lately whether it was sensible to call this blog Rye Smile because rye breads have been my bete noir.  But after following various authorities with mixed success I have now developed a hybrid that is reliable and the family are happy, nay keen, to eat.  It's baked in a pullman tin and the dough is rolled in a seed mixture before being plonked in the tin. It's about 75% Rye.  I double up a rye starter to about 3 cups  and use the bread machine to knead a 50/50 rye wheat 3 cup dough. Once both have risen I combine the two, apply the coating and rise in the pullman tin.

Worth another picture:

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  1. I'll say it here too! I love the way this one looks :)