Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Honey and Ginger Wafers - You're Fired

May is running out and it's time to grasp the Mellow Bakers two remaining May challenges

Gingerbread biscuits... Mmmm

There was an issue about firing. High bake biscuits or mellow gingerbread.

I'm still not sure which I prefer. The drier biscuit will last longer, but there is something sumptuous about a bready texture.

These are very photogenic - even when raw:

and very tasty when baked:

I followed the recipe - except for using a storecupboard bottle of maple syrup in place of the honey. Then I agonised about how long to bake them for.  The ones in the book had a higher bake than the recipe produced, but you don't want to burn anything with a high sugar content. These are sweet and high on dairy. Very more-ish.

Next Wholegrain Rye Bread

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