Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cracking Pumpernickel

Here's the Wikipedia picture of a slice of pumpernickel:

...and here's the result of seven hours baking today...

Not bad you might say, but that's the crust.  Inside things are a good deal soggier

Matters were not helped when the loaf split on turning out:

I've tried this recipe 3 times now, without success. Fourth time lucky?


  1. Hi Ray, Andrew Whitley is the rye king, in my book - or his "Bread Matters". As a student he went to the Eastern Block and came back with a rye starter. Even so there is a contradiction in his book. One recipe "Whole Grain" says rye should be baked long and slow with a lid on. Even "In a range-type oven bake overnight in the bottom oven". Another "Russian Rye" says "Bake in as hot an oven as you can muster (230-240 deg C ideally)". It's the long slow one I've got the problem with - I think I've gone too low!

    Since this bake I have made the similar 100% sourdough rye without the wholegrain and it worked well. I've also done my reliable rye + wheat seeded loaf. I'm up for another go at the whole grain this weekend.