Monday, 24 September 2012

Campagrain - DIY

The remit was clear:

"Nothing white - I want a hair shirt loaf!"

Time to roll out the Campagrain experiment

Campagrain?  Oh yes, that flour mix with a blend of five flours and four seeds

but which grains, which seeds - a closely guarded secret, except  it's

wheat, malted wheat, rye, oat, barley and sunflower, sesame, brown flax and yellow flax

(can that really be for real:  "brown flax and yellow flax").

How does it taste?

Like $£X in a hair shirt!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Onion and Bay Loaf - Mellow Bakers

This is something I would not have tried (nor the lemon one) but I am pleased I did.  Thanks Paul at mellow bakers.

Sad to say I appear to be the only repeat offender from the group as contributors have dwindled.  Oh well,  we get to eat the results, and this one was appreciated by the family.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Mellow Bakers - Dan Lepard's Mill Loaf

Guess what I forgot to slash my loaf.  It might have been because I was preparing the Onion and Bay Loaf hot on the heel of this one. You can tell I cut this loaf before it cooled properly. It's a great tasting loaf  even if I had to start up a new white starter (adaptred from my rye starter) for this one and also for the other two breads this month. (Give us a break from white starter, pleeease  Paul)

Adaptations.  A teaspoon of malt extract instead of malted grains. I'm out just now. I added yeast to get the bake done on Sunday night rather than Monday when I'm off to work, sob. It was ready for my sandwiches as a result. And I did use the bread machine for kneading.  Otherwise entirely in line with Dan.


p.s. Radio 4 Food Programme on Sunday was "Sourdough" .  Listen again before next weekend. I am as I only caught the last 5 mins. Andrew whitley featured but it was a different Dan.