Monday, 17 September 2012

Mellow Bakers - Dan Lepard's Mill Loaf

Guess what I forgot to slash my loaf.  It might have been because I was preparing the Onion and Bay Loaf hot on the heel of this one. You can tell I cut this loaf before it cooled properly. It's a great tasting loaf  even if I had to start up a new white starter (adaptred from my rye starter) for this one and also for the other two breads this month. (Give us a break from white starter, pleeease  Paul)

Adaptations.  A teaspoon of malt extract instead of malted grains. I'm out just now. I added yeast to get the bake done on Sunday night rather than Monday when I'm off to work, sob. It was ready for my sandwiches as a result. And I did use the bread machine for kneading.  Otherwise entirely in line with Dan.


p.s. Radio 4 Food Programme on Sunday was "Sourdough" .  Listen again before next weekend. I am as I only caught the last 5 mins. Andrew whitley featured but it was a different Dan.

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  1. Thanks for the radio four tip. I have been a bit tardy with the mellow bakers challenges though I have done a barm loaf which I have yet to post. On holiday at the moment, so hope to post more next week.