Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Deft Lepard - Sunflower Seed Loaf

Really pleased with how this worked out. Dan Lepard comes up trumps again.

I followed the recipe slavishly - except 40 gms honey was the most I could bring myself to add to a loaf of bread (instead of 50) and my white starter was a bit sluggish. I added it for flavour rather than lift. Also time ran out on me. I would have liked to have proved it for another hour, and toyed with leaving it overnight  in the fridge (but my mornings are already hectic enough as it is). The bread went into the oven at midnight. Worth the wait when the results are good!

Slashing - just like Dan's

First rise

Tipping the loaf out
I did find the loaf too sweet and would reduce the honey further next time I made this loaf. 200 grams of sunflower seed I thought would be too much - but it wasn't. Just that extra hour rise and it would be perfect.

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  1. This looks stunning! I've still yet to master making anything that looks even remotely like the picture in the book. Although actually following the recipe would probably be a good start... really enjoying your bread adventure!