Saturday, 25 August 2012

Getting Caraway?

Spot the difference

This is Joe Ortiz's Jewish Rye (from The Village Baker).  It's made with a milk sour and has surprisingly little rye in it (about 20%). The other key feature is caraway seeds.  This flavouring splits our house in two .
The sour was nice and bubbly but the sponge was sluggish and after adding the salt the dough was sluggish too.  I ended up missing my afternoon baking slot (I had to go out taxi-ing) so the final rise was extended from the recommended 40 mins to 3 hrs.  It held on but there wasn't much extra activity left in the dough for the oven.  As you see I divided the dough into two and kept one caraway free.  The taste is great - but better still with the caraway!

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  1. It's funny how caraway divides people - a bit like marmite!