Monday, 26 March 2012

100 Rye -

Recent success sent me back to Andrew Whitley's 100% Ryes.  First of all Sourdough Rye with Seeds.

Seeded 100% Rye
  Nice crust!

Seed and Nut Case
   ... but it was a bit solid and only half filled the pan.  So rather than retreat I tried "Russian Rye" another 100% sourdough with a fresher livelier rye starter...

Crust or Crumb
Yes it was lively and I was guilty of rushing the rise to get it baked before bedtime,
The Ugly Truth - What Lies Within!
 Not fit to eat, but our local swans just love rye! They're nesting at the moment and last year's brood is still around so they will appreciate it!

Never rush a rye!!!


  1. Hi Mal, I just found your comment on my blog hiding in spam and have left you a reply there. You might like to compare the recipe you used for this one with this and see how they differ and there might be some clues there You say you rushed the rise, another time if it is late and you want to go to bed, try putting the tin in the fridge or a cool room and bake it the next day. Rye barely rises in the oven so it won't produce any bubbly oven spring, it has to do all its bubble making during the proving stage. Don't give up and have a happy Easter ! best wishes Joanna