Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Back on song - My Rye

Happy to say, despite my 100% Rye  problems my hybrid 75% Rye still works

from one end...

or the other.

And with Good Friday looming large here is the traditional recipe for our house - Thanks Shamreen!


  1. That looks tasty. Coincidentally I baked my first 100% rye sourdough today. Although dense, it was flavoursome, but made me want to bake a sourdough wholemeal soon. I am unsure about the rye dough, it is so unlike the wheat doughs - ah well, just need to practice more! :)

  2. Hi Ray, You're right: Rye is a different beast to wheat.

    Or should that be "Rye wheat is a different beast to wheat wheat?"

  3. It feels... well... squidgy (to use the technical term) and as Joanna at Zeb Bakes told me it absorbs more water. I like my loaf - it reminds me of Soreen Malt loaf in some way... texture perhaps?

    i am planning to work my way through Dan Lepard's The handmade loaf with the assistance of the Mellow Bakers. Interested?

  4. Thanks Ruth.

    Ray, Yup when I used malt extract on a wheat and rye mixed loaf it reminded me of Soreen too (without fruit).

    I did sign up for the Mellow Bakers' Dan Lepard bake but I thought it had been cancelled due to copywrite concerns. (Blogger has only made me take down one picture as it was just a photo of the recipe - Fair enough, it's author's prerogative, but where do you draw the line between promoting a book and stealing from it) I've done about half of the Handmade Loaf recipes since Christmas. He has a bit of a sweet tooth and I've not tried some of the sweeter ones. I'll have another go at signing into Mellow Bakers!

    1. I shall be searching the back of the kitchen cupboard for malt extract after posting this!

      The first three breads for April have been posted. I have done the quick white loaf - it was surprisingly tasty for such a simple recipe - must be the millet. The cherry, fennel and rye loaf is the one that takes my fancy - if I can locate rye berries. Flaky butter buns will take me out of my comfort zone.

      Yes, there was some debate about the copyright issue. On his forum Dan has stated -

      "Do not reproduce other people's recipes on this forum. You can list the ingredients and weights used, and describe what you did, but if you exactly copy anyone else's recipe and paste it on the forum I will remove it."

      So that is the standard I am using. I tend to agree that posts on blogs like ours are more likely to promote people purchasing the book (three people I know bought the Hadjiandreou book after I posted breads I had baked from it) That said, so many people have commented that Dan is a generous teacher and he also made numerous recipes available through his Guardian column.

      What's your favourite recipe from the book so far?

  5. Favourite recipe currently: Alsace loaf with rye. Waterford soda bread (non yeasted, with buttermilk) was good. I'm glad he included oatcakes (which are a staple here)! In another week it will change. I wish he had included hot cross buns, taralli, challah...