Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lepard v Whitley revisited - Rye Bakeoff

 It's deja vu all over again!

You should always wait 24 hours before cutting a rye loaf.  But tonight I'm breaking all the rules. As part of the Mellow Bakers Challenge I baked Dan Lepard's Light Rye: This includes White flour and yeast .

Lepards's Light Rye
 I also did my version of Andrew Whitley's Brodinsky Rye which is 100% Rye and 100% Sourdough.  I was really pleased because it didn't stick to the pan!
Whitley's Brodinsky 100% Rye 
Side by side it's easy to be seduced by Lepard's big rise

Comparisons are odious - aren't they just!
And the web is less gummy (inevitably) even though it was still just a little bit warm.

World Wide Web
Brodinsky bread has coriander as a flavouring and Light Rye uses caraway.

Both excellent it's hard to avoid the appeal of that extra bit of oomph. so maybe I'll be adding extra yeast and white flour as a matter of course in future.

It's been great to prove that you can bake decent bread with just sourdough rye - but then to submit to the inevitable - as many bakers have done before.

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  1. fascinating! I'm planning to have a go at the Lepard loaf this weekend. there are also some good rye bread recipes in the Hadjiandreou book... ah.. so may breads, so little time...