Saturday, 18 August 2012

White Thyme Bread - Lepard/Apent

Mellow Bakers August breads start with Dan Lepard's White Thyme Bread which turns out to be a version of the bread demonstrated on the Hairy Bikers Bakation trip to Norway's Apent Bakeri

I have to admit to borrowing from both in order to adapt the process to my Saturday. Like Dan I used some dry yeast but after an initial 15 minute knead I only folded the dough once and didn't add any salt or oil until the folding.

The results were scrumptious and only being a small loaf it was wolfed down at the first sitting.

If you want to see how Apent/Hairy Bikers do it here's the link again:



  1. Well I had every intention of doing this bread today but when I went to the shops for the last ingredient I was disappointed - thyme bread without fresh thyme just will not do! Settled on a beet root sourdough instead.

  2. Yeah Ray. And BTW the quantity for this recipe could be beefed up for fresh. I reckon 1 tsp is the dried thyme quantity, for fresh I used 1 dessert spoon. In future I might even go to 1 tablespoon.