Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crumpet - or Muffin?

I've been on a white sourdough kick since seeing the Hairy Bikers' vist to Oslo's Apent Bakeri. More about that later. 

While you are experimenting with long ferment doughs it's a welcome relief to cook something really quick. By syphoning off some of the sourdough and diluting it you have an instant crumpet batter.

Bubbling Under
First it's off with the ring, then that moment of decision: How do you tell when it's the right moment to flip your crumpet?

Look - No Ring!

Crumpet or Muffin?
It's a real treat in no time at all. Whatever you call it!


  1. I have had shop bought muffins and not really liked the texture - are fresh one's very different?

    definitely crumpet!

  2. Sourdough ones really are better tasting. (And fresh always has the edge.)

    I'm not making this up - They passed the offspring test.

    Muffin: a messed up crumpet?

  3. These look absolutely fantastic. Can't beat a crumpet, with melting butter.