Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flakey Buttery Buns

Sunday breakfast of coffee and croissant - today coffee and Flakey Buttery Bun. 

I've finally got around to baking the third Mellow Bakers challenge for April. Some adaptation was required otherwise it would have to be on the lunch menu rather than breakfast. So I followed the recipe up to the point of the second rise and then popped the buns in the refrigerator overnight

This morning I warmed them up a bit before popping them in the oven.  The "warming them up a bit" was probably a mistake because the butter ran out of the rolls in the process!  Next time I would only bring them up to room temperature before baking.

Risen dough (with butter leeching out)
 The results were strongly reminiscent of Aberdeen "rowies" even in shape.

Baked product
To be honest I kneaded the initial dough a lot more. I also skimped on the butter (even before it leeched out). I just can't bring myself to add that much butter. Even then my mouth feels coated with butter all Sunday morning  just like rowies, although they are made with lard! So there were a few adaptations. If I made this again I would reduce the fat and be more controlling of the temperature.

A pale reflection

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  1. This was the hardest of April's challenges - though I will have a go at croissants in the future. Back to sourdough bread this weekend, though I am also trying to make a loaf flavoured with beer, thyme and mustard. Nice to bake when the weather is so miserable, got soaked twice this morning, going for a jog and doing the shopping. Do you know that you have to run 73 miles to burn off the calories on one of those flaky buns? ;-)