Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mal's Sourdough After Apent Bakeri

Here are the pictures I promised in my last post:

The dough is wet!  and nice and bubbly after an overnight fermentation

Good bread requires good ingredients. Here's my home grown sage picked this morning:

chopped and with black olives

That dough is kinda elastic

with additives (just the sage and olives)

folded and shaped

and baked to a golden brown.

Now that's what I call a web.

this is going to be a repeat recipe.


  1. That looks a lot of fun and really tasty!

  2. It looks as good as the bread in the clip fom the Hairy bikers that you mentioned in the previous post.

  3. Any chance of getting this recipe? Been trying to suss it out since it was on!

  4. Pat. In my terms it goes like this: You built up your white starter by doubling it up several times in quick succession. Once you have an active dough (perhaps with a higher percentage of flour on your last "doubling" you just do what they did on the programme:

    Fold in your additional ingredients (thyme and olives, porcini and hazelnuts etc)and leave for an hour. Up until this point you have added NO salt and No oil. But now you oil the bench (with a quality olive oil) divide the dough into the sizes you want and then fold each loaf again. Leave in a warm place for a further 40 mins. Brush/spray/dab on more oil and sprinkle the surface with salt flakes. Bake.(Add steam for crust development)

    It doesn't keep for long but that's not a problem. It's the high hydration and lack of salt that makes for the silky dough texture. The oil and salt really just go on the outside at the end of the process. Hope yours turns out good. Let me know what flavour additions you choose.

  5. Thanks so much for your reply. Definitely going to give it a go. I'll keep you updated :) Thanks again!