Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sourdough In Action

Great news!  The BBC have sent two cooks on a tour of European bakeries.  Tinged only by the fact that the two cooks are the Hairy Bikers I watched the first programme Norway on iplayer a week ago and have been fixated with recreating the following recipe.

Apent Bakeri

Sadly the website for Apent Bakeri is in Norwegian, as is the tantalising "Brod" book. So instead of following a recipe I have watched the video over and over...  and if I have to listen to Si King's sycophantic eulogising of the bakers one more time I will go nuts!!!

But this is a great confidence booster for the home sourdough baker to see. It can be done in your own home and don't worry about a wet dough!

Only thing is wet dough and cameras don't go well together - so no home pictures to date.

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  1. Have to confess I'm also a little bit gutted that it's the Hairy Bikers doing the programme. Oh well. It has introduced me to a whole load more bakes I want to try at least - this is one of them. Yours looks fantastic, so I'll have to give it a go!